The Summer Wind

One of my favorite songs is The Summer Wind by old blue eyes himself. For all you kids out there, old blue eyes is Frank Sinatra.   Summer is coming to an end and for all of us here in Phoenix a collective sigh of relief. What a relief after the hottest July on record Read More

Bachelorette Party Dos and Donts

When planning a Bachelorette Party in Arizona there are a few things you should know. People tend to picture Bachelor Parties as crazy and off the wall but the truth is that Bachelorette parties can really get out of control.   Ladies when planning a Bachelorette party take into account who is attending. Are most Read More

Bachelor Parties for married guys?

Yep, I have been doing limos in phoenix for almost 10 years now and married for 9. My opinion is an educated one on the subject of why every engaged guy should have a bachelor party. It is for his already married buddies.   Here is the simple truth about most married guys they need Read More

Be gentle it’s my first time…

This is my first blog so be gentle, my name is Frankie and I am the owner of Platinum Rides along with my brother Joey who is my partner. I am going to attempt to give you some insight into the world of limos as well as other topics. I may even be persuaded to Read More