Party Bus Deals!

When you are looking for a Party Bus in Scottsdale you have to ask the right questions.   What is the hourly rate? Are there any other fees? What’s the capacity? Do you carry the proper insurance? Does the Party Bus have DOT certification? What year is the Party Bus?   I want to talk Read More

Playing Cards!!!

I think it only appropriate to take the time to acknowledge the ass kicking the Arizona Cardinals laid on those New York Giants.   I have been a season ticket holder for 13 years now and it has never been better to be a Cardinals Fan!   If you get the chance, come out to Read More

Running Thru ROME?

When I take reservations I like to talk to people and see what their plans are. I like to get a feel for their expectations and make suggestions if I can.   One mistake I think people make is moving from bar to bar way too often. They plan to hit 6 clubs and bars Read More

Limousine Companies and Beauty Salons

   I know what your thinking what the hell is with the title?   For all you ladies out there you’ll get it. I get calls all day every day people looking for the CHEAPEST LIMO they can find. I try to explain to people that the best price isn’t always the best service. But Read More