Limousine Companies and Beauty Salons

Published September 30, 2009


 I know what your thinking what the hell is with the title?


For all you ladies out there you’ll get it. I get calls all day every day people looking for the CHEAPEST LIMO they can find. I try to explain to people that the best price isn’t always the best service. But it just sounds like a guy trying to convince you to pay more money for the same thing.


Not all limo companies are the same.


Ladies, you all get your hair done right?


You don’t go to Fantastic Sams do you?, SuperCuts? And Why not?


They are the Cheapest, they use the same scissors, the same hairspray, etc…


No you go to your stylist that’s definitely not the cheapest but she’s your girl. She knows your style, your hair type. She takes time to do YOUR hair the way YOU want it.


You could say you are paying for her EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE. The fact is you TRUST her with your hair.


It’s the same with Limos and Party Buses in Phoenix.


There are a lot of cheap companies with seemingly great deals out there. The truth is you are trusting your special event to someone with little or no experience and probably breaking several laws.


For example proper licenses for their drivers, proper DOT compliance, proper insurance to name a few.


You think your getting a great deal but when they show up late in an old beat up limo or party bus what are your choices? They are there and so are your guests it’s too late, but you did get a great price.


You get in and start your night and the driver has no idea where he is going and couldn’t care less either. The limo is filthy and smells to boot. You have a terrible experience but you got a great deal.


I could write 10 pages on things that can go wrong with the cheapest limo and party bus companies out there. It’s not just bad service but over charging clients, running your charges several times and things like that make it a nightmare.



Come on make the smart choice choose a Limo or Party Bus company based on reputation. Pick someone you know you can trust.


We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now and we’re good at it. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and respect. We’re gonna do a great job for you.


Signing off,



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