Bachelorette Party Dos and Donts

Published August 31, 2009

When planning a Bachelorette Party in Arizona there are a few things you should know. People tend to picture Bachelor Parties as crazy and off the wall but the truth is that Bachelorette parties can really get out of control.


Ladies when planning a Bachelorette party take into account who is attending. Are most of the guests familiar with each other? In a lot of cases people are from out of town, college friends, family, friends from work, all mixed together. You have to be aware of their interaction to prevent the “DRAMA”.


Some Do’s:



  1. Plan to take a Party Bus or Limo as your transportation to the clubs. This is common sense, you don’t have to worry about DUI’s and we can get you added to the VIP List to Arizona’s HOTTEST NIGHTSPOTS! Not only that but the party continues to the next location.
  2. Plan to go somewhere and get appetizers and drinks before going to the clubs. This will give your guests an opportunity to get to know each other a little and loosen things up. They can’t even hear each other at the club.
  3. Have a Bachelorette Party scavenger hunt. It’s simple have the girls take pictures with a cop, fireman, bouncer. Get coasters from the clubs you are going to, or an article of clothing from a bartender. Stuff like that will keep the girls interacting and give them something to talk about.
  4. We put PINK MARDI GRAS BEADS in the limos wear them. It will help you keep track of girls in the club.
  5. Do group shots together and whoop it up at the bar. This is a good way to get free drinks from guys. Guys dig Bachelorette Parties and always will try to get in the action.


DON’TS Please listen up ladies:


  1. Don’t get the girls too drunk before going out. Pace yourselves, I have a rule for Bachelorettes no shots before the first bar. Some girls just don’t pace themselves and that can cause a lot of issues for the rest of the group. You don’t want to be talking about the girl that got sick and you had to take home at 10:00pm.
  2. Don’t post pictures of your bachelorette party on Facebook or Myspace. This is a sure argument with you new hubby. No guy really wants to picture his new bride having that much fun without him. For all the other ladies, they may be married or have boyfriends, again this will be a source of trouble.
  3. Don’t move around from club to club too much. You should plan an itinerary and try to stick to it. Moving too much is kind of a pain for your guests especially if it’s a large group.
  4. Don’t leave stuff in your limo or party bus. Check for cell phones, I-Pods, purses before leaving.
  5. Don’t forget to embarrass the Bachelorette, no matter what she says about keeping the party toned down. This is her last night of freedom so make it count.


The whole point of this blog post is to help you get in the right frame of mind to plan this bachelorette party. Have fun, get crazy but plan a little bit, I promise you will thank me for it.


Signing off,


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