Party Bus Deals!

Published October 28, 2009

When you are looking for a Party Bus in Scottsdale you have to ask the right questions.


  1. What is the hourly rate?
  2. Are there any other fees?
  3. What’s the capacity?
  4. Do you carry the proper insurance?
  5. Does the Party Bus have DOT certification?
  6. What year is the Party Bus?


I want to talk a little bit about that last one “what year is the Party Bus?”


You would expect when you call a limo company that the limos and party busses are new or newer right?


I hate to burst your bubble but the average age of a Party Bus in Arizona is 7-10 years old. There are a couple companies out there with Party Busses over 20 years old.


 But hey, the pictures look great on the website and the price was a little better than the other company.


By the time most people realize the mistake they’ve made it’s too late. The Bus is there and now you have to deal with the “PUKE WAGON” they have sent you.


Be a good consumer make the calls but don’t decide purely on the cheapest priced company.


You know what though, nobody listens to me anyway. You may choose not to take my advice and believe me a lot of people choose to go down that road.


But a lot of people call me and cry that they should’ve listened to me as well. It’s too late and that’s just the way it goes.


Go out on the town and have a great time with Platinum Rides. Providing you a new clean vehicle is the easy part. Providing you with a great service is really the trick in our business.


Everybody here at Platinum Rides just wants you and your guests to have a great time. That is what we dedicate ourselves to, a Good Time Guarantee!


Call me today we’re gonna do a great job for you.


Signing off,



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