Playing Cards!!!

I think it only appropriate to take the time to acknowledge the ass kicking the Arizona Cardinals laid on those New York Giants.   I have been a season ticket holder for 13 years now and it has never been better to be a Cardinals Fan!   If you get the chance, come out to Read More

Running Thru ROME?

When I take reservations I like to talk to people and see what their plans are. I like to get a feel for their expectations and make suggestions if I can.   One mistake I think people make is moving from bar to bar way too often. They plan to hit 6 clubs and bars Read More

Limousine Companies and Beauty Salons

   I know what your thinking what the hell is with the title?   For all you ladies out there you’ll get it. I get calls all day every day people looking for the CHEAPEST LIMO they can find. I try to explain to people that the best price isn’t always the best service. But Read More

You Spoil them ROTTEN!

Now what do you get a kid that has everything? They’ve got X-Box, I-Pods, the coolest cloths now how do you top that? Give them a ride home from school in a limousine or party bus.   Check this out, your kid comes out of class with their friends and out in front of the Read More