Why Party Bus & Limo Rates are Higher for Prom Dates

Published April 1, 2011

Limo & Party Bus rentals in Phoenix are much higher for Saturdays in April and May. There are a few reasons why:

  1. It is high wedding season in Arizona and most weddings are on Saturdays.
  2. Because it is high wedding season there are also a ton more bachelor & bachelorette parties.
  3. It is also High Prom Season and most of those Proms are on Saturdays.
  4. We normally sell out on Saturdays any time of year.

Basically, we have 4 times the amount of clients all planning their events on Saturdays. One thing we always do here when taking calls for potential reservations is try to get an idea of your plans. What is the event? What times are you looking for? How many guests will you have? All of these things will help us to make good suggestions for you.

If it is your Prom and it is on a Saturday during this season there isn’t a whole lot we can do about the pricing. The rate will only go up the longer you wait. As availability goes down throughout the valley price will inevitably go up. I did write my previous blog  with suggestions and tips to not get ripped off on your prom limo. Click here to read this blog.

Joey & Farressa's Wedding

If you are planning a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party in Scottsdale we always suggest moving your event date to a Friday or even Thursday. This cuts the price in half or sometimes more. Most people respond by moving the date. We also make this suggestion to our regular clients who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or any other event that can be moved.

Every industry has busy seasons and slow seasons. Pricing fluxuates the same way, up when busy and down when slow. Some parents get upset and accuse limo companies of gouging kids for every last dollar. What we explain to those parents is that the prices are higher not because it is their son or daughters prom but instead because of the date their prom falls on. Some schools plan their proms on Fridays and in that case the kids get rates that are more comparable to normal rates. It’s their prom but it’s on a Friday not a Saturday.

Vica versa, in July when the valley empties out and retreats to anywhere cooler than here, our rates drop dramatically trying to earn the same business that every other limo company is with half the potential clients.

The number one thing we all try to stress to people is that we are a hard working company. We all have one goal here and that is to do a great job for each and every guest of Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses.

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