Wedding Crashers in Phoenix!

Published May 17, 2010

My brother Joe and I were running through some new promotions for our wedding limo packages. We both hit on a crazy idea that seemed like a lot of fun and might work. So I am writing this blog and asking you all what you think.


Possibly Frankie & Joey?

Possibly Frankie & Joey?

Joe and I love to attend weddings, the ceremony, reception all of those family and friends weddings are just so special. So the idea was to have a contest for our clients. Here it is the bride & groom send us a video telling us why we should choose their wedding to crash, yes you heard me right, we are going to crash the wedding. Joe and I are going to bring dates, make a toast, dance with the bride and our all time favorite the CHICKEN DANCE.


If we choose their wedding to crash the bride and groom will receive their limousine or party bus transportation free of charge. Everyone who sends us a video will receive a gift from Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses. In order to participate they must first book their wedding transportation service with us then send us the video.


The video should be lighthearted and funny, something that would catch our eye. They should have fun with it maybe dress in funny get-ups or something like that.


Let us know what you think.


Signing off,


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