The Best Limo Drivers

Published December 8, 2010

The Best Limo Drivers


People call us day and night looking for pricing and availability for their weddings,birthdays,night out,etc

Clients typically focus on price first and vehicle second,they rarely ask about our great drivers and the great service we provide week in and week out.


When renting a limo in Phoenix all of these things are important however,I feel very strongly that great service and fantastic drivers are a more important piece to the puzzle.


Jack the Phoenix Limo Driver

Jack the Phoenix Limo Driver

The way I see it, anybody can go out and buy a limo or party bus in Arizona and start driving people around town. That guy can go out and buy the fanciest limo and even give you a great price over the phone but can he deliver you great service?


Most times the answer is no and the reason is, because they don’t have the knowledge, experience or the passion to provide great consistant service.


First, there is knowledge, sure that guy can buy a limo get a phone number and start driving people around but he would be breaking the laws that govern limousines in Arizona. There are permits needed for the airport, insurance regulations, weights and measures requirements, DOT requirements, and so on and so on.


Next, experience, being prepared and having the support of a team to help the driver perform a great service, knowing what to do when challenges arise. You can have the coolest limo or party bus in the world but a lousy driver with no experience how to handle situations that arise can ruin that clients event.


Don’t believe me, google bad limo reviews and see what appears. You will read some horror stories about drivers who torment their clients, have no idea what they are doing or where they are going and more importantly are total unsafe drivers. Then you will read about all of the vehicle issues breakdowns, things not working, etc…


I am sure all of those clients thought they were getting a great deal but instead signed up for a nightmare limo ride. The really sad thing is you are held hostage at that point because you have a group of people you have planned this great event for and your mistake cannot be fixed to save the event.


Be careful and do your homework, check limousine and party bus reviews of the company you are considering. That isn’t enough, you can also check the BBB and see what their rating is with them. Unfortunately, companies can hide bad reviews by asking the website to not post any reviews good or bad or they simply change the name and add a new listing with a fresh start. There are several ways to hide or minimize poor reviews but if that company would just put in the effort they would not have to worry about such things.


Lastly, you have to have passion for the transportation biz. This is critical because it takes a lot of effort to provide a great vehicle, great drivers and great service for every reservation. It is a lot of late nights and early mornings driving, cleaning, checking paperwork, etc… be prepared to provide a great experience for guests.


As I said before, your driver can make or break your event and Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses is fortunate to have a great crew of chauffeurs ready to serve you.


We all have one goal and that is to do a great job for you and I am proud to say we have done that for almost 10 years now. We want to do a great job for you.


Signing off,



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