Taken for a Ride!

Published April 9, 2010

In previous blogs I have tried to give good sound advice with regards to Prom reservations. I know from experience that people read but don’t necessarily put the advice into practice.


Specifically, you should watch out for limo companies in Arizona with unbelievable pricing for limos for proms. The deals may no be as good as they seem, cause you might be getting taken for a ride and left out in the cold.


Clients are calling me looking for limos and party buses for their kids proms because the companies they had booked with were saying things like, “ I don’t have that reservation on the books”, “We overbooked for that date” or they just don’t show up at all.


What is really going to be an eye opener is what does show up on prom night. Those great deals won’t look so great when the 15 year old party bus shows up practically held together with duct tape, broken or missing windows covered up with black painted plywood and smelling like garbage. It’s gonna happen, some people have called telling me they booked their bus prior to going down and looking at it (which I advised doing in my blog) and realize the mistake they have made.


I don’t say this to pour salt in the wound but to hopefully make a point to those of you still searching for a prom limo. The point being, take some advice from my previous blog don’t get taken for a ride!


Signing off,



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