Super Bowl 2015 Arizona

Published January 2, 2015

Less than 30 days from today the world’s attention will focus on the Super Bowl in Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals Stadium

The site for Super Bowl 49

This world class event has many challenges and transportation can be one of them.
For large companies and CEO’s coming to enjoy the festivities the big ticket isn’t the only cost. There is Hotels and yes transportation.
Let me paint you a picture from my experience, the last Super Bowl regarding accommodations and transportation in Arizona.
There will be no rental cars available, there will be no hotel rooms or last minute cancellations you can hope for and Sedans, Limos and Party Buses for the big game will be booked weeks in advance. Taxi’s, Lyft and Uber will have nowhere near the amount of vehicles to accommodate guests in the manner which they have grown accustomed, namely the “right now” of having a car show up in 5 minutes. It may say your Uber will be there in 5 minutes but it will take much longer and the surge will be on.
I don’t say this to scare you but to make you aware.
As far as transportation, if you are coming in a group and will be entertaining for the weekend you’re here, booking a limo or party bus is really the only way to go. There are a ton of events to enjoy around town and having chauffeured transportation is going to make the experience all the more enjoyable. No parking to worry about, you can enjoy yourself in traffic instead of waiting to start the fun, etc.
A lot of people call around asking for just a ride to the game and back. These people are surprised to hear some of the minimums reservation requirements and pricing. Limos and party buses during the Super Bowl week typically have a minimum reservation requirement of 3-4 days with minimum hours of 10-12 hours of service each day.
I often hear these same people tell me they will just call a cab or have someone drop them off at the game. Here is some advice regarding that. The ride to the game may not be a problem. You may have to wait a bit but a taxi or Uber can get you there. The problem arises getting back afterwards. There aren’t enough taxi’s and Uber’s to get everyone back. The last Super Bowl guests waited 1.5-2 hours for a ride back. Yes, you can bet that Uber will surge to its’ maximum pricing as well.
With all of the headache and charges you’re going to incur a limo or party bus may not be such an unrealistic option.
In summary, it costs a ton of money to enjoy a Super Bowl city’s events. Lodging, food, event tickets, transportation, etc…
Planning and having a realistic budget will help you get the full enjoyment of the unbelievable event.
Please come to our city and enjoy yourself. The weather will be awesome and our friendly, warm citizens will make you want to come back again.
I moved here almost 20 years ago from Chicago and though the Second City will always be missed, Phoenix Az is my home. When you visit take in the local atmosphere and sites it is a special place.
Signing off,


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