State of the Onion(Union)

Published January 29, 2010

State of the Onion I mean Union


Obama just gave his first State of the Onion I mean Union. The good news is the Onion is still there, the bad news, it still STINKS like HELL.


What the Hell do I do now?

What the Hell do I do now?

Though I think Obama is giving it the old college try we are all still waiting for a recovery we can sink our teeth into.


The past year was difficult for a limo company in Phoenix but we have been hanging in there. The trouble is I don’t know if things are getting better or we are getting busier because so many other limo companies in Phoenix have fallen by the wayside.


Either way, Platinum Rides is going strong and we are very positive about 2010 and beyond. We have plans for new vehicles that nobody has yet. I’ll keep you all in the loop but if you would like respond to this blog with some new limo ideas.


Don’t forget about the boys at Platinum Rides when planning your crazy Rock Star nights!!!


Party Like A Rock Star Baby!

Party Like A Rock Star Baby!

Platinum Ride Limos and Party Buses the hardest working limo company in Arizona!


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