Rookie Nights!

Published December 31, 2009

Rookie Nights


Another Holiday Season come and gone and I could tell you some stories. You know how they say that a lot of people get fired for what they said or did at the company Holiday Party? I see it first hand!


We like to refer to these nights as “Rookie Nights”. People that don’t really drink or party are going out and it’s like they are 21 again. Our drivers pour them out of the limousines and party buses all over Scottsdale & Phoenix. They help them stumble to their front door and in some cases have to put the key in the door for them. It’s really funny to talk about but not when you see it.


I don’t know how you go back to work on Monday and look at your co-workers in the face without apologizing. But you know everybody needs to let loose sometimes but you should probably do it with your friends who care and understand you not people who are going to remind you of it and email out pictures of it to everyone in the office, or to shame you into a raise or day off perhaps?


Does this remind you of anyone at your work? If so write me, respond to my blog and let me hear about it!


Check out this poor soul, bet he can't wait till the Monday morning meeting.

Check out this poor soul, bet he can't wait till the Monday morning meeting.

Better yet send me some pics if you got them.


Have fun out there and remember to get home safe in a party bus or limo from Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses.


Signing off,



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