Quinceaneras not just a birthday!

Published June 25, 2011

Platinum Ride Limos has been servicing Quniceaneras, or Qunices for short, for 10 years now. Since the day we started our limo company they have been a very important part of our business success.

The Number 1 Party Bus for Quinceaneras

Party Bus for Quinceaneras

A Quince is when a Hispanic girl turns 15 years old. Similar to a Sweet 16 birthday it really does carry a lot more meaning and tradition. This tradition dates back to the Aztecs around 500 B.C. It is a religious celebration for the family and their daughter who is turning 15. The day is focused on her maturity and the responsibilities that come along with this big day.

The day of the Quince is long and filled with a traditional mass and special Quinceanera church service. After this there is a choreographed dance for the Quince and her Chambalanes & Damas. These are the boys and girls chosen to participate in the Quince ceremony. The entire party is dressed in carefully chosen tuxedos and dresses much like a wedding. The Quinceaneras dress is very extravagant and yes that usually translates into very expensive. LOL. The dance is performed at the reception hall or salon as they are called. In between the church services and the reception the Quince and her party go to several locations for professional pictures and videos.

After those pictures are done this is the time Quince’s look forward to. It’s time for her and her friends to cruise the town in style in a limousine or party bus! The radio goes up and the friends and family chosen to stand up can let loose a little before the reception. Loud music and dancing are what she wants and that’s exactly what she gets on the day of her Quinceanera.

This is a once in a lifetime event and no expense is spared. If you aren’t familiar you might ask yourself how can the parents afford such an extravagant party? Another great part of the Quince tradition is the entire family pitches in taking some of the burden off of the parents. They are called Padrinos & Madrinas. Somebody will pay for the DJ, some will pay for the reception hall, some the Quinceanera limousine or party bus, you get the picture.

As I stated earlier Quinceanera’s have always been a big part of what we do at Platinum Rides for a couple of reasons first, Quinceanera Parties aren’t seasonal, they go on all year long and that is good during the Summer months in Arizona when everybody scrambles to get out of our heat we still have those events booking. The second reason is I just think it is a tremendous tradition for family. It is a family celebration and being Italian I can certainly appreciate anything that brings family together to celebrate. In the end no matter how good or bad things get in this crazy world family and friends are what make it all worth while. I can’t tell you how may times we have given a little better deal to a family after they brought us food to our office to sweeten the deal. You may laugh but it’s true, we get invited to a lot of the Quinceanera’s as well. That too me is the best compliment a client can give us. After coming down to our office and all of us just talking about this big family event and not only do they trust us with their daughter’s Quince they invite us to the event as well. Treating us like friends after only knowing us for a short while. That is special to us and I can’t tell you how many bad days I have had when a family coming down to the office to book a limousine for a Quince has just made my day!

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