Prom Limos & Party Buses

Published April 4, 2013

Prom Limos & Party Buses

The Prom season in the limo biz is where an operator can earn his or her stripes.

The phone never stops ringing day and night, calls from prom goers looking for that limousine company that has an unbelievable price. THE WHITE WHALE!

That Party Bus that is half the price of every other company for their Prom night. NEEDLE IN A HAY STACK

So the search goes on, every person involved will call the same 20 companies waiting for a different price. Calling the same places several times realizing that one Party Bus company, may have 2 or 3 websites and phone numbers.

The sticker shock fades as call after call plays the same inflated prices and it’s not getting any better.

I really sympathize with all the prom goers and the parents helping look for limo or party bus transportation for the prom. It’s hard, most people have never booked a limo or party bus before and don’t know what to look for or ask. They assume that there are limitless limos and party bus available in the Phoenix area and that everyone they are talking to is on the up & up.

The truth is there is not an unlimited number of limos and party buses a WHITE WHALE or NEEDLE IN A HAY STACK! If you weed out the troublesome limousine companies that offer 15-20 year old vehicles without proper insurance and maintenance there aren’t a whole lot of companies remaining.  I have seen first-hand party buses show up to prom with boarded up window painted black, no power or lights, no air conditioning it’s ridiculous.

I ask kids when they call if they have ever had a bad experience and a lot say yes for our Homecoming dance the limo broke down and we didn’t get a refund, or the 15 year old party bus broke down in my driverway or the limo or party bus never shows up at all and the company gives you some ridiculous excuse like we got a flat tire.

I know for a fact one party bus company in Scottsdale was just shut down permanently by AZ DOT. Whoever booked a party bus with them over the next month or so is in for a rude surprise when they don’t show up for their proms and special events.

The reports I have received said they had insurance violations, several mechanical violations and none of their drivers had CDL driver licenses which is required to drive the party buses. From what was said to me this isn’t their first visit from AZ DOT either.

Please take the time to consider price and reliability in your decision making for these Prom dances. Let me know how I can help.

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