People Do Not Care How Old They Are Limos and Party Buses that is

Published October 4, 2012

People Do Not Care How Old They Are, Limos and Party Buses that is

Back in 2007 most other limo and partybus companies in Phoenix offered older model limos and party buses. Platinum Ride Limos really did make a commitment to having the newest and well-kept fleet in the valley. T0 this day that commitment has remained. The average fleet age is 2011 with several new 2011 and 2012’s recently added.

Those other limo companies sadly, are still running the same old vehicles they were back in 2007. They were old then and they are 6 years older now. This is especially true when talking about party buses. 95% of companies in the Phoenix area offer party buses that are 10, 15 and yes even 20+ years old. These companies have much cheaper prices and people fall for that pricing everyday.

It’s just not the same product. When I quote prices to callers they often come back with “well I got a way better price from ABC Limos can you beat it?” The price is like half what we are quoting and I go into the explanation of why. I explain they are very old party buses, they say they don’t care. I tell them party buses that old are much more prone to breakdowns, they let it go in one ear and out the other. At that point all I can do is ask them to keep us in mind.

It gets frustrating, I have to tell you we get on average 4 or 5 frantic calls on Friday or Saturday nights asking if we have anything available immediately. When we ask why the story usually goes that the company they booked with, and got a “GREAT DEAL” with called and the partybus broke down. I can’t help but think to myself “I told you so”.

Of course, I don’t say that because I can sympathize with the client that got taken. However, I know it will happen again and again because most people are blinded by the pricing and really they should know better. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Why chance your great night out only to be disappointed by one of those cheeseball operations.

I don’t get it, let me know if this story resonates with you.

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