My Limo company has a REP to Protect!

Published January 29, 2011

You would be surprised how many of our main competitors have bad rating with the BBB and poor reviews on the web just flat a poor reputation.Although we are not a BBB member we do make sure that our rating with them is accurate and I am proud to say that Platinum Ride Limousines has an A+ rating.I do also check into how our competitors are doing.I am honestly surprised that so many of our competitors have such poor reviews.

I also spend time every week looking through limo rental reviews in Arizona. I look through our limo and party bus reviews and I am proud to say we have all great reviews and no bad ones.

I cannot say the same about our competition. After searching through our competitions reviews I noticed that a lot of companies have no reviews at all. That should be a red flag that either they haven’t been in business very long or they had all the reviews removed to hide the bad ones.

Then there are companies with dozens of reviews some good and some bad. I read most of them and I cannot believe how bad some of the reviews are.

The way I look at it we can learn something from reading another companies bad reviews. I try to pin down the real issue the client had with my competitor. Was it billing, was it service related that can help me to look into the mirror per se and see where Platinum Rides can improve.

We aren’t perfect, but I feel very strongly that the hard work we put in along with an honest and persistant sense of self evaluation is what makes us a great limo and party bus company in Arizona.

I can truly say with all sincerity, if you choose our company, we are going to do a great job for you.

Signing off,


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