Limo Reality Show? Not Real At All

Published July 15, 2010

 I get a call from my brother last week and he tells me he saw a trailer on TRU TV for a reality show about LIMO BOB. Limo Bob is a character who owns a limo company in Chicago and he is crazy.


He is the Mr. T of our industry, gold chains and all. Well we watched it and I have to say it was one of the dumbest things I have ever watched on TV and I have 4 kids, I watch stupid stuff on TV all the time.


There were several story lines in the show that are just not believable. In every story Limo Bob’s wife rushes into his office and out of breath tells him there is a last minute occasion and the client needs a limo ASAP!!!


Like they are some kind of superhero Limo Company coming to the rescue.


Then he summons a driver and the LIMO BOB machine goes full throttle to make it to the last minute run. From that point craziness ensues, at one point a SWEET 16 birthday party trashes the limo and LIMO BOB comes to the drivers rescue and a fight breaks out where the stretch Chrysler 300 limo gets the windshield bashed in by the client and her dad with a baseball bat. LIMO BOB and his henchmen wrestle the clients and demand payment.


Another story line was a birthday party where clients booked an H2 Hummer Limo and it was full of cross dressers getting frisky with the driver. Hey, I don’t judge, money’s green no matter what you’re wearing or who you date, I always say.


This limo company even offers what they refer to as a “MIDGET MATRE’DEE” Which is a little person running up and down the aisle of the limo serving drinks.


I can tell you first hand that this business has thrown me for a loop over the years and I can spin you some limo stories you wouldn’t believe, but that show was totally over the top. This show makes limo guys look bad “NOT REALITY, ACTUALITY” is the TRU TV motto but there isn’t anything actual or real about it.


Call me and reserve a Phoenix limo and I’ll tell you a story that is real.


Signing off,


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