Limo Prices in the Phoenix Area

Published September 10, 2011

Limo Prices in the Phoenix Area

I wanted to take this time to write about the state of limousine prices and party bus prices in the Phoenix area.

I started Platinum Ride Limousines back in 2001. It was not called Platinum rides then I had bought the company known as Hummer Style Limousines and soon after changed the name.

Reflecting back on those early days recently, I was remembering how hard it was. I remember talking to people on the phone and all they asked for were Hummers, but not the H2’s they weren’t in production yet they were looking for those hulking H1’s.

There were only a couple of them in the valley and we didn’t have one. In early 2003 the new H2’s were hitting the streets and making their big splash on the market. I am proud to say that Platinum Ride Limos had one of the first H2 Stretch Limos the valley and it was a beautiful custom SILVER!

Extremely stylish and new H2 Hummer Limo

H2 Hummer Limo For A Variety of Events

From that point I took my brother Joe on as a partner and we quickly grew and became a trend setter in the Phoenix area. At that time reservations were usually only 4 hours on Friday and Saturday nights because the bars closed at 1:00am. But that changed as well and the last call time was extended to 2:00am which was a huge boost for business.

Now the hourly minimum was 5 to 6 hours on those busy weekend nights. That was a big help in our ability to offer the newest and most exotic fleet of limos in Arizona. You see, those H2’s were well over $100,000 and the insurance on most limos is ridiculous. We need to be able to justify making that kind of investment. Three and four hour reservations just wouldn’t cut the mustard.

Nowadays, limo buses in Phoenix are the vehicle of choice. Every other phone call is looking for a party bus for Saturday night. In our business we have to maximize the Saturday night crowds because 99 out of 100 clients are looking to get a limo on Saturday night. If you do that simple math, we have to generate enough money in 52 Saturdays a year to pay the vehicle payment, insurance, drivers, gas, utilities, office rent, etc… If we can have some good, Friday nights that is definitely a plus but it’s easier said than done.

Platinum Rides has remained committed to offering the newest fleet of limos & party buses anywhere in Arizona. But that comes with a cost. A ton of wanna be limo and party bus companies have popped up offering what seems to be great deals for party buses.

The only problem is they are most often Frankenstein, back yard converted airport shuttle buses or as I like to refer to them “PUKE WAGONS”.

These buses aren’t DOT compliant and are a danger to anyone who rides in them.

It may seem like a great deal, I mean we charge $125-$150 for one of our $150,000 party buses with all of the newest technologies and built by reputable builders and these guys charge $90-$100 for their $15,000, 15 year old bus built by Larry the Cable Guy in their back yard.

The point I’m trying to make is that you as a client expect a few things when you book a limo:

Limo Bus in Arizona

GMC Limo Bus in Arizona Available Now

  • You expect a new clean vehicle
  • You expect a professional driver
  • You expect great customer service
  • You expect the company to have all the required insurances
  • You expect a safe vehicle abiding by the laws DOT regulations

The truth is when you book a limo or party bus from Platinum Ride Limousines that is exactly what you get. However, when you book a limo or party bus from Larry the Cable Guy you’re getting the guys that are cutting the corners and giving you the very least for a slightly lower price.

My brother Joe and I could probably make more money going the Frankenstein, PUK WAGON route but we just aren’t built that way. Money isn’t everything and our reputation isn’t for sale.

Keep this in mind as your calling around looking for limo prices in Phoenix. There is value in the service we provide and that value is greater because we not only give you what you expect but more than that we live up to our reputation.

Do you have a Frankenstein Limo or Party Bus story?

Signing off,


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