Limo Nights in Scottsdale

Published January 12, 2010

Limo Nights in Scottsdale


For any one reading this from out of town looking for a good time Scottsdale is where the action is. The night life is all central to mainly Old Town Scottsdale. There are several clubs worth noting Axis Radius, Myst, Suede, American Junkie, to name a few.


There are dress codes for each of these clubs and you should check their websites for special events.


If you book a Limo or Party Bus in Arizona choose Platinum Ride Limousines. They can get you on the VIP List to avoid cover charges and waiting in line doesn’t happen for you!


It is realy the only way to club in Scottsdale if you try to drive yourself and your from out of town you will most likely receive the most expensive tour Arizona has to offer “TENT CITY”. Do not tempt our very famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio he will find you and feed you green bologna while you are wearing his famous pink underwear.


Have fun while your our here lots to see and do. Tour the valley in a limousine from Platinum Ride Limousines and Party Buses.


Signing off,



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