Limo Driver Save Me!

Published November 20, 2009



What are we gonna do? The world is falling down all around us and it seems there is no hope. Who will save us from this impending disaster a Green Beret? Great Scientist?, perhaps a Super Hero with super human powers?


No, there is only one man who can do this job a LIMO DRIVER!


My brother and I took some of the boys out to see the movie 2012. We were very excited because we knew from the previews that John Cusaks character (Jackson Curtis) is a limousine driver. We were drawn in when we saw him racing around California in a Stretch Lincoln Limousine with the world crashing down around him, literally!


It’s not that often that our profession is glamorized in film but if you’ll remember in Die Hard 2 the limo driver who drove John Mclain had a great part in the film.


It may sound silly to you, it did to my wife, but we were all proud and cheered him on in this latest blockbuster. Think about it, if a butcher saved the world in a movie and you were a butcher you’d feel a certain sense of pride wouldn’t you?


I’m not gonna ruin the film for you but I will say that Jackson Curtis (John Cusak) used the skills that every Limo Driver needs. He needed to be quick thinking, assertive and a problem solver. In our business things come up and we have to be able to able to take situations and be prepared to move quickly and be purposeful in our actions. It may sound like I am making more of it than it really is but I am not. Spend a night next to one of our Limo Drivers and you will see first hand some of the issues they deal with and how they are not only able to come up with solutions but most time without clients knowing there was an issue at all.


The truth is my brother Joey and I love what we do and we are surrounded by wonderful people. So for those of you who may be asking do I think any of our Limo Drivers are saving the world I can only say this, we keep people safe. What I mean by that is when people driver drunk they may end somebody’s world by doing so. They may be taking somebody away from their family and friends forever. In essence, every reservation we do is important and we take that very seriously.


Everybody here has one goal for you to have a great time but more importantly to be SAFE! Please remember to use Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses when going out on the town.


If someone asks you why you chose Platinum Rides you can tell them they’re saving the world one client at a time!


Signing Off,




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