Holiday Light Tours

Published December 16, 2009

I was afraid that this years light tours would suffer because of the economy. I was wrong, I went out with the kids last night as we do every year to research the best lit homes in the valley and we found a couple that are really cool.


There were 2 new ones in particular that we sat in front of for 30 minutes each they were that good. They broadcast songs from their home that go with the light show and you tune it in on your car radio.


I have been sick for a couple of weeks and really haven’t been in the Christmas Spirit but my family and I really enjoy taking the Limo Light tours every year.


If you would like to book yours here is a suggestion go on a weekday. The tours are done typically by 10:00pm, not too late for the kids. Also on weekdays we have a little better pricing.


I hope you all are getting in the spirit of the holidays. Don’t forget to book your Holiday Party Limo in Arizona or your Holiday Light Tour in Arizona.


Signing off,



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