Published January 11, 2010

WOW!!! Those Arizona Cardinals can turn it on and off whenever they need to. Regardless about what the national media thinks of them they are the real deal and they have some unfinished business to tend to.


But those Packers will be ice fishing next Sunday!


Green Bay Packers are done theyve gone fishing

Green Bay Packers are done and over with

I saw a lot of Packers fans get real quiet real quick during the first Playoff game this past Sunday. What a barnburner, I have never experienced a game like that in my life and I’ve been to a lot of games.


They showed me again why I am a Cardinals fan they inspire me when they pull off a performance like that. Get on the bandwagon  now and support them they come to play hard and they’re gonna get it done this year. Platinum Rides wants to be in that parade!!!


We go marching into the Saints home this Saturday to pull off another divine win.


Keep those Cards in you hearts and prayers a Super Bowl Champion is just what Arizona needs!


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