Funny Mondays

Published November 22, 2010

So Monday is a funny day in the limo biz.Every Monday we get calls from clients telling us they had a great time but I lost my cell phone can you look for it in the limo or party bus.It never fails I remember one time A bunch of the Cardinals cheer leaders had rented a limo in Phoenix(rough job but it’s a living)and after I had dropped them off and was on my way back to the office I heard a funny sound.


There were like a dozen cell phones going off with all different ring tones. I couldn’t help but laugh. Then when I got back to the yard I found them all and put them in the office while I cleaned the limo. After getting done with my cleaning I went back in the office it was about 3:30am and those phones were still going off.


I decided to answer them and let the person know that we had their phone and to come down and pick it up on Monday. Well a lot of the calls were the cheer leaders boyfriends looking for their ladies. I simply told them to let their girlfriends know we had their phones and to call me.


Monday morning all of the girls called and I told them all to come down at 5:00pm to pick up the phones. Then I got all of the chauffeurs together and had them come down to the office to WATCH THE PARADE!


Cardinal Cheer Leaders get a Limo in Phoenix

Cardinal Cheer Leaders get a Limo in Phoenix

It was great, all of these hotties coming down 1 by 1 to get their phones. The drivers loved it and we all had a great laugh even the girls that came down. All work and no fun makes Frankie a dull boy.


So give us a call and reserve a limo in Phoenix area so you can lose your cell phone too! Just kidding and to all of my readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Signing off,



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