Frankies Valentines

Published February 10, 2010

Frankies ManyValentines


I wanted to take this blog and tell you about all the special ladies in my life. I am a lucky guy because I have always had beautiful woman in my life. Their beauty is not just on the outside but they are all beautiful on the inside as well.


My two daughters, every father knows how special your daughters are. I know the are going to drive me nuts as they get older but they do have two older brothers who are trained killers to do Dads light work when the boys come a knockin!


My Mother-In-Law, I got lucky with mine I know some guys that have horror stories but I got lucky. My Mother-In-Law is a special lady and I know I don’t always give her the credit she deserves for all the helps she gives my family and I. So Mom, thank you from your favorite Son-In-Law (I am her only Son-In-Law).


Onto My mother, the woman who put up with a lot over the years but she never gave up on her oldest and best looking son. During those times when you are growing up and dealing with things and looking for some guidance my Mom always had a commonly known phrase or saying. The only problem was it always came out wrong!


For example: “The early bird gets the worm” came out “The early bird eats first?”


Or my favorite: “The squeaky wheel get the oil” came out “The squeaky oil gets the wheel?”


The funniest part is I don’t think she has said either of those the correct way, EVER.

Mom, Happy Valentines Day I love you.


Finally my wife, I mean it when I say I married up. My wife is a beautiful woman and if you know me at all I always joke about how I am my Mom’s best looking son but if you know me you know my beauty lies on the inside.


This business is difficult and she has dealt with it like a pro. I mean it when I say that I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. I actually told a friend and I quote “She will be mine oh yes she will be mine” He laughed but who’s laughin now baby!


Maria, you are my love, thank you.


Well those are my ladies and yes I know I will catch some crap for getting so sappy but hey they deserve to know how much they mean to me so in advance of all the crap I will be receiving from friends I say this sincerely: I wish you could be so lucky.


Happy Valentines Day


Hey look at that, I didn’t mention Limos or Party Buses in Phoenix one time the whole blog.


Signing off,


Frankie “Valentine” DeVenuto

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