Fiesta Bowl Surprise

Published January 4, 2010

Fiesta Bowl surprise!!!


The Fiesta Bowl is always good for business and this year was no different. We got a lot of calls for people wanting Limos to the game. We always try to explain to people that when choosing a limo or party bus company you really need to ask the right questions. Do you carry the proper insurance?, are your vehicles DOT certified? What kind of license do your drivers carry?


These are all great questions to ask and if the owner of the limo company doesn’t know run like hell! There are some great deals on limos and party buses out there, mainly because there are a lot of guys running around out there with dangerous vehicles. Their fleet consists of old undesirable vehicles that don’t have the correct insurance and certainly not any DOT certification and the reason they don’t have that certification is they wouldn’t pass mechanically.


Not everybody listened to me and some of those great limos and party buses turned into pumpkins by the end of the game. You see AZ DOT pulled over and impounded several limos and party buses at the game. Yep, right there they pulled the drivers out and towed them away. One of the owners refused to get out of his party bus and got  himself arrested. The unsuspecting clients inside the game were in for a rude awakening when they came out looking for their ride home.


How great was that deal really? How great is that price your looking at right now? Give me a call reserve a Limo or Party Bus in Phoenix from Platinum Ride Limousines & Party Buses.


Don’t get left out in the cold.


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