Looking for the cheapest limo?

Published September 16, 2010

If you want the cheapest limo or party bus I can get you the number to several companies in town that are cheaper than Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses.

Platinum's Chrysler 300

Platinum’s Chrysler 300 Party Limo On Beach

Does it surprise you that I say that?

We tell clients all the time that we know we aren’t the cheapest limousine company in town. In today’s economy you can imagine that it is a cut throat market. There are guys out there quoting prices that are ridiculously cheap and the truth is it’s too good to be true. The fact is they know by the time you figure it out it’ll be too late. They will be there to pick you up and you will have your guests and there won’t be anything you can do about the 20 year old, smoking, clanking party bus that arrived for your big night out.

At this point you concede the mistake you have made and make the best of it right? That’s until it breaks down on the freeway and now you’re all dressed up with no place to go. Now you are stuck in a crappy 20 year old puke-wagon waiting for a tow truck. What a nightmare right!

Unfortunately, it happens don’t let it happen to you.

Here are some suggestions that will help:

  • Ask the year, make and model of the vehicle (they might say it’s a new conversion which isn’t the answer, you want to know the year of the limo or party bus)
  • Ask to view the vehicle at their office location (a reputable company should have viewing hours for potential clients)(pics on a website always look good)
  • Pay with a credit card (if they demand cash that’s a RED FLAG)
  • Look for reviews online (past clients will tell you about their experience and shed some light on the reputation of that company)

Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses has been in business for almost 10 years now and is family owned and operated. We have the newest fleet of limousines and party buses in the valley. We have also been rated as a “TOP 10 OPERATOR” for the entire time we’ve been in business. “A” rating with the BBB and no bad reviews online. We have an excellent reputation for providing great service.

The best rental Party Bus in Arizona

High Quality Interior Party Bus in Arizona

Luxurious Interior of a Party Bus

Party Bus Interior Bar With Neon Lights

I want you to know that we intend to earn your trust and respect. We’re gonna do a great job for you.

Signing off,


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