Diaries Limo Frankie

Published January 30, 2010

Diaries of Frankie


I never planned on being a Limo Guy I just fell into it and I have been trying to get out ever since. A guy with my education, professional training should be able to find a nice cushy job somewhere right? Change the world perhaps?


For those of you who don’t know me my educational pursuits were cut short by unforeseen events (I got thrown out of college) and my true calling is in communications (gift of gab) as far as a nice cushy job, I’ll be honest I love my job.


I feel like I do change the world, my small world everyday. We have fun but we take our job very seriously because what we do is give people options. The option is to go out have fun drive home and kill someone, get arrested, the smart option is to call us.


You get to have a unique experience without the worries and carnage, flashing lights in the rear view make me nervous!


Of course I am going to say this I am plugging my company but hey, I have hundreds of clients that will tell you the experience they have with us is outstanding and worth their hard earned cash.


Give us an opportunity to show you what we can do, we’re gonna do a great job for you.


Get limos in Phoenix, Limos in Scottsdale, Limos in Arizona we service the whole valley with the newest fleet of limos in Arizona.


Signing off,



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