Come On 2010!!!

Published December 19, 2009

You know it’s been a tough year. I think I speak for everyone in America when I say things can and will get better. Being in a service industry we are constantly evalutating and promoting, trying to make ends meet.


I am gonna say it right now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all need to take a good look and see that light together. We do live in a place that everyone longs to be. People come from all over the globe to make there way to the “land of the free”


Maybe there are those that have taken pleasure in our countries recent setbacks. But I’ll tell you there is nowhere in the world now or has there ever been a country like the USA! We have our issues, we’re not perfect but we have done in a short 250 years what other countries couldn’t do in 2500.


I believe that has to do with who we are as a people. Think about it, it took an Italian staring at the night sky (Galileo), probably after too much wine, to theorize that the Earth was round and not flat.


Then it took another Italian (Columbus) with brass **** to prove it. He had to be nervous sailing those ships being pretty sure the Earth was round, not flat.

 christpher columbus

That’s the kind of people who came here first. Then we had to deal with England and a bunch of farmers took on the most powerful military of that day. We sent them back home with a bloodied nose.


Civil wars, World Wars, The Great Depression we have dealt with a lot over the years and come out on top. The reason has always been because of the people of the USA.


We’re gonna get through this too! Things are looking up, don’t let the news drag us around by the ear telling us it’s good or it’s bad. It was bad but we’ve been through worse!


I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic but hey that’s the way I roll. 2010 is going to be the start of us coming out of this muck. Carry the spirit of the Holiday Season throughout next year let’s help each other out.


We will show the world what we can do and what it means to be Americans!


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Signing off,



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