Bachelor Parties for married guys?

Published August 28, 2009

Yep, I have been doing limos in phoenix for almost 10 years now and married for 9. My opinion is an educated one on the subject of why every engaged guy should have a bachelor party. It is for his already married buddies.


Here is the simple truth about most married guys they need to act like boys once in a while. You know it’s true you work hard all week, tuck in the kids at night, generally an upstanding figure in the community. In the words of Mr. Jack Nicholson “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”


So you are getting married soon, the hall is reserved and the flowers and cake are ordered. Your fiancé wants to talk to you about something. She asks you and your best man to keep the Bachelor Party “toned down”. You know, have fun but not “too much fun”.


Well I say men go out and let loose!


 I don’t care what your fiancé says those married guys need this man.


 You have no idea what it’s like! This Bachelor Party isn’t for you it’s for those you’ve already lost. Just don’t break too many laws remember their wives aren’t going to bail them out. They will leave you, your pink underwear and flip flops in downtown Phoenix to teach you a lesson. Furthermore, they will bring it up at the onset of any argument they are about to lose for the rest of their lives.


Let’s be serious, I’m a married guy myself, I know the boundaries of good and bad. I’m just talking about good old fashioned boys being boys. Have you ever seen the movies “THE HANGOVER” or “OLD SCHOOL”? Those movies personify what can happen if the wife only let’s you off the chain to go to work or the Home Depot. You know to get the hardware to hang another shelf so she can buy more knick knacks to put on that shelf, which your kids will soon destroy while playing hoops in the dining room.


Listen MR. BACHELOR, your day will come soon enough and you will be wallowing in the mire waiting for a crazy night out on the town. So don’t cheat your boys out of this. Get a party bus or limo, hit the clubs in Scottsdale and Tempe and let the good times roll.


You will pay the price with your new bride but hopefully she will be blinded by her new found marital bliss. At least until the pictures of the party start showing up on facebook and myspace. No cameras, playas!


Disclaimer: The opinions and views in this blog are the opinions and views of a terminally married man and should not be taken seriously by anyone especially the writers’ wife. It is meant to be used purely for entertainment purposes and should not be repeated to his aforesaid wife. He is totally happy with his life and doesn’t really condone lascivious or lewd behavior of any kind. All of the above participents performed their own stunts and no animals were hurt writing this blog.


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Signing off,



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