Afraid of getting RIPPED OFF on your Prom Limo?

Published March 3, 2011

Prom time is when a lot of clients can get ripped off.Limos & Party Buses in Phoenix are in short supply.Think about it,most of the calls getting price rates is done by the prom goers,usually 17 or 18 years old.The reservations they are looking into are $1,000,$2,000,and upwards of $3,000!That is a lot of money and sometimes it is just too easy for somebody to take advantage of the youth and inexperience.

The fact is we get hundreds of calls everyday from people looking for Prom Limos in Scottsdale and the only thing anyone seems to care about is getting the cheapest price for their prom. This is no time to be going cheap cause in our business:

  • Cheap doesn’t show up to pick you and your friends up for the prom
  • Cheap shows up in a puke wagon not a party bus
  • Cheap breaks down on your way to the prom
  • Cheap gets you broken windows boarded up with plywood for your wonderful night
  • Cheap gets you a rude and unprofessional driver
  • Cheap give you no options cause you paid cash to get a deal
  • Cheap leaves you out in the cold with no options cause there aren’t any limos or party buses left in town

Here are some ways to not get ripped off:

  • Get a contract
  • Ask what year is the vehicle
  • Check the BBB
  • Check online reviews
  • Don’t pay cash use a credit card
  • Parents get involved with the reservation
  • Go down to the companies office and view the vehicle you want to reserve before you make a reservation
  • Ask about the companies insurance
  • Ask About the companies DOT compliance
  • Drivers qualifications

Believe it or not we know what we are talking about and I want you to be weary of bad companies providing bad service and sometimes operating illegally and unsafely.

Platinum Ride Limos & Party Buses

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Think it doesn’t happen?

I had a client last year write up a full page letter to me after her daughters prom explaining how glad she was she took my advise. Her daughters’ friends booked 2 party buses from other companies but she had chosen ours. She wrote that we were more expensive than the other quotes they had gotten but she felt comfortable with us after coming down to our office and seeing the vehicle and looking into our company.

Her daughter’s friends did not, and when their Party Buses in Phoenix showed up they looked like fuel guzzeling puke wagons. Oh and by the way both those buses broke down during the reservation and I was told that her friends paid cash, NO REFUNDS.

She went on in her letter to thank us and that she and her daughter were so glad they made the decision to choose our company.

I want you to know that everyone here has one goal and that is to do a great job for each and every one of our guests.

But I know after reading this some people will not heed my warning and can you blame them?

I mean, what do I know I have only been in the limo business in Phoenix for 10 years!

Signing off,


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